• Faux leather covered high density foam seat
  • Chrome-plated tubular metal legs
  • Shaped tube thickness: 1 mm
  • Stackable for easy storage to save space when not in use
  • Provides extra seating for kitchen or dining room



Beige, Black, Blue, Bordeaux, Brown, Green, Lilac, Purple, Red, Violet, White, Yellow


Chipboard, Faux Leather, Metal


060-Purple Flower, 061-Cream Paris, 062-Red Leafs, 063-Yellow Octopus, 064-Lilac Octopus, 065-Beige Octopus, 066-Green Octopus, 067-Red Octopus, 068-Turquoise Octopus, 069-Black Octopus, 070-White Octopus, 071-Violet Octopus, 072-World Octopus, 073-Squared Octopus, 074-Brown Flowers, 075-Lilac Flowers, 076-Black Flowers, 077-Red Flowers, 078-Red Circles, 079-Latte Octopus

Octopus Stool

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